When Andrew Cushin first burst on to the scene a few years ago, it was clear to everyone that he was a special talent. Although it took the musical luvvies in the mainstream media quite some time to begrudgingly recognise his glaringly obvious talent!

And to be totally honest, this really made my piss boil, and here’s why.

When Sam Smith took to the stage back in April dressed up like Jabba the Hutt at a fancy dress party, he was hailed as some sort of musical genius, instead of an overhyped toss pot draped in an ill fitting Kinky Devil costume (that he probably bought from Ann Summers)!

So why were so many of the mainstream musical journos so slow to give Andrew Cushin the credit that he so richly deserved?

Well that’s simple, its because he’s just a working class kid from Newcastle, a life long Footy Fan, and because he’s one of us, a Terrace Casual.

You know, the ones that the mainstream media and musical luvvies absolutely despise!

But you can’t hold a good man down, and as the old saying goes ‘The cream always rises to the top’, and so it was, a star was born, rant over!

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, that’ right, to celebrate the release of his new single ‘It’s Coming Round Again’ the young Geordie superstar has joined forces once more with Weekend Offender to create this stunning t-shirt.

Yes, this Limited Edition tee has been cut from 100% cotton combed compact yarn jersey, and features a bold print on the chest (with a lyrical spell out) from the new single. As standard it also comes with the brands infamous ‘Admit Nothing’ sign off label to the side seam.

So, if you’re off to a music festival, or just down the pub for a few jars, this super cool t-shirt will make a refreshing change from those overly predictable and utterly boring ‘Ramones’ tees (yawn)!

Or indeed, those ten-a-penny ‘Che Guevara’ tees that are usually worn by spotty little herbert’s who don’t know a single song lyric from a Ramones track. Or the fact that Che Guevara was actually a vicious, blood thirsty murderer, but I digress!

Buy a Limited Edition Andrew Cushin x Weekend Offender t-shirt here.

PS: Lovehoney probably sell Kinky Devils outfits too, and as such The Clobber Magazine does not favour one tacky high street dildo shop over another!