Milan fashion week is upon us once again and Stone Island have just unveiled their eagerly anticipated third Prototype Research Series.  The new capsule is strictly limited to 100 pieces, and has been created using a mixture of four polyamide-based canvas materials, which are then treated with a high temperature dyeing process that colours, shrinks and compacts the different fabric layers.  The result is a bold and futuristic jumpsuit that once again typifies everything that is so special about the legendary Italian brand.

Now whenever I think of jumpsuits Anneka Rice and Treasure Hunt immediately springs to mind, I mean she was doing Kill Bill when Tarantino was still doing his homework!  And who could forget Bruce Lee’s famous all in one number in The Game of Death?  Anyway this fantastic new research series is following on from Series 01, where laser-printing techniques were applied to a liquid reflective base, remember that stunning Anorak?   Then Series 02 arrived, that very special garment-dyed Dyneema fabric, made from the strongest and most durable lightweight fibre in the world.  The processes highlighted in each of these collections are far too complex for mass production, hence the insanely limited numbers, there has been no word yet on a specific release date although it expected to be sometime in May.

Stone Island continues to push the boundaries of research and experimentation to the absolute limit and I am sure the great Massimo Osti himself would be proud of this latest experimental offering.  On a purely personal level I would have preferred to see a two piece set or just a jacket rather than a jumpsuit, that being said I still wouldn’t turn down the chance to own one of these groundbreaking pieces.