There is a brand new ethical and sustainable streetwear brand hailing out of Liverpool, and it’s called Paper Tiger Threads, remember that name because you heard it here first!  The Paper Tiger concept is based on a quote by Chinese dictator Chairman Mao, now if that’s not thinking outside of the box then I don’t know what is!  The brand will be producing a series of modern streetwear staples manufactured from Organic – Fair Wear approved fabrics.

We’ve just been given exclusive access to the brands official bio, and it’s a work of pure genius!

In a 1956 interview, Mao Tse Tung used the phrase “Paper Tiger” to describe what he perceived to be American imperialism: “In appearance it is very powerful but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of. It is a paper tiger. Outwardly a tiger, it is made of paper, unable to withstand the wind and the rain”!

This infamous quote serves as the inspiration behind our brand. Why? Because fashion is the second largest polluting industry in the world. So with fair trade placed at the heart of everything that we do our purpose is to create premium quality garments which are manufactured using only responsibly sourced fabrics and components wherever possible. The end result is an exclusive line of low impact garments, each one a Paper Tiger in every sense, ethical clothing that isn’t a threat! 

I don’t know about you but I love them already and I haven’t even seen their clobber yet!  The brand hope to launch their first piece at the end of October (COVID-19 permitting), in the meantime you can give them a follow on Instagram and Facebook.  Paper Tiger have a regular FB page and also a dedicated brand group that’s already attracted over 4,000 members!  They also make some pretty impressive promotional material too, just like the Youtube snippet we have selected below.  Clobber Magazine has been given exclusive access to every new release from this forward thinking brand, who knows we might even have the odd freebie or two to give away as prizes!