Just when you think you’ve already seen the best coats that 2020 has to offer along comes another one and slaps you right in the Chevy Chase, and here it is, the spectacular Terrain Parka from A- Cold-Wall.

I am all out of superlatives to throw at this one, it really is that good.  It’s been crafted from 100% Italian Nylon and features a large cocooning hood with a very impressive looking visor which can be adjusted with a flexible internal wire.  On a heavy military tip it comes with dual side and chest pockets, each with snap fastening.  There’s a drawstring channel for adjusting the waist and adjustable cuffs, again with snap fastening.  On the inside you’ll find a full jacquard lining featuring a tiled ACW logo.

This is a very impressive piece from a very impressive brand, oh and it’s been made in Portugal which is always a good sign.  Buy A-Cold-Wall Terraine Parka here.