Although I’ve worked in finance roles for many years I am not a financial advisor, so let me just get that one out of the way.  Many years ago I was told all about Bitcoin and the emerging world of Crypto currencies, and to be honest I never paid too much attention to it, mainly because I was doing okay financially and of course I was far too wrapped up in my clobber!

However a few weeks ago I was introduced to the world of Meme coins and their huge profit making potential, so I set up a Coinbase account (and wallet) and purchased some Ethereum coin (which can be used to purchase Meme coins) and I was away.  A good friend of mine told me to snap up a popular Meme Coin called Shiba Inu (which is named after a Japanese hunting dog) as this is meant to be the next big thing in Crypto.

Sure enough it’s emerged that Shiba Inu are to launch their own DEX exchange called Shibaswap and over the next 12 months they are expected to overtake the popular Dogecoin.  If this comes into fruition I will be a very rich man indeed!  So why am I telling you all this?  Well it’s because this coin is going cheap at the moment and it could make you a lot of money, so I just thought I’d pass it on to you, our beloved readers. 

It’s also been announced that the coin will soon be able to buy directly from Coinbase (as apposed to the Uniswap DEX) where you have to buy it from at the moment).  This is big news indeed, and this is exactly why you should invest some of that Beer and Charlie money that you’ll blow over the weekend into this exciting and possibly very lucrative Meme coin!    

I will stress again that I am not a financial advisor, but I believe this is a huge opportunity for the average working class lad (or lass) to make some serious dough, so there you have it, SHIBA INU!  Remember more dough means more clobber, and trainers!