Here at Clobber Magazine we just love sustainable clothing brands, hence our unbridled admiration for brands such as Paper Tiger and Patagonia, however our favourite sustainable brand at the moment has to be Save The Duck. 

The brands impressive and illustrious history dates back to 1914 with The Forest Clothing Company formed by Foresto Bargi. In 2012 third family generation Nicolas Bargi launched Save The Duck, a new brand with a strong commitment to creating products which are respectful of animals, the environment and people. 

What’s equally impressive is their rather agreeable pricing.  In this day and age it’s almost impossible to find clothing of this quality at such an affordable price point, which goes to show that sustainable clothing needn’t cost the earth!

So with winter just around the corner (don’t shoot the messenger) it might be a good time to replenish your winter wardrobe. And you’ll be pleased to know that Save The Duck have got you covered with their unique seasonal ensemble which includes a range of completely biodegradable and Eco Sustainable outerwear pieces.  

There are so many different creative elements that make up the AW’21 collection, in fact I reckon I could probably fill a broadsheet newspaper trying to fit it all in!  

A case in point being the special Limited Edition collaboration with the fashion designer Stella Jean which has been thrown into the mix. Then there’s the innovative Pro-Tech range which is made using Recycled Plumtech®, a polyester fibre padding which is based entirely on recycled materials, including plastic bottles.

After casting our eyes over the AW’21 look book we were astonished to see the sheer amount of garments on offer for this forthcoming season, lets just say it’s a sizable collection!  From quilted jackets, rainwear, down vests, sweats and headgear Save The Duck have got everything that you’ll need to brave the elements this winter. 

This years AW range is the perfect fusion between sustainability and style, and what could possibly be better?  If you’re not familiar with Save The Duck then make sure you head over to their official website. A word of warning though, once you become acquainted, you’ll be hooked!