Italian heritage brand Colmar have been knocking out top notch toggery since 1926, and believe it or not the brand name was literally created and wrote down on the back of a cigarette packet! The name is made up of the surname and the first name of the founder: COLombo MARio. See you really do learn something new every day!  You can find out more about this fascinating story here.  

In the meantime Colmar are back with a bang this summer sporting their trademark simplistic lines and high quality fabrics.  This ultra-modern seasonal collection celebrates individuality, bridging together past and present for an optimistic view of the future, and we could all do with that right now! 

With a mixture of plain colours, trendy prints, iridescent graphics and blurred images Colmar’s seasonal offerings are bursting at the seams with feel good summertime vibes. Special attention has also been given to more sustainable fabrics including recycled polyamide which has been spun from industrial waste.

So whether it’s polos, tees, light jackets or swimwear the legacy of Mr Mario just keeps on giving. You can check out the latest seasonal offerings (including Sale items) on the Colmar website here.