When I was a lad my mum used to say “Sitting on a cold floor will give you Piles”, which got me thinking, will sitting on a cold wall also give you piles? Or just being out in the cold in general? Well I’ll tell you one thing that won’t get cold, and that’s your upper body when its wrapped up in one of these ‘CYCLONE TACTICAL VESTS from A-COLD-WALL*. 

This super suave Tactical vest is a plain weave Gilet which comes armed with a frontal device pocket and a couple of asymmetric pockets, all of which provides ample storage for all your bits n bobs. There’s also plenty of padding to keep your core nice and warm too. The piece had been signed off with an ACW* moulded form insert on the from pocket and an ACW* bracket logo to the rear. 

I reckon this vest could come in really handy when your in a crowded boozer on match day, just pull out your mobile and hold it near your mouth whilst shouting ‘Armed Police, Armed Police’ on your way to the bar. Trust me, you’ll soon be at the front ordering a round of Moretti’s and Jager Bombs!                    

Buy this splendid garment from the official A-COLD-WALL* website here. 

P.S: Suffering from Piles (or as some people call them Adrian Chiles, Nuremberg Trials ect) is no laughing matter, not that I’d know anything about it like!