I suddenly realised yesterday that I haven’t wrote about Weekend Offender for a while, and we can’t have that now can we lads? “No Paul we can’t”. And what better piece (pieces) could there be to write about than their eye catching Knebworth tees?

In August 1996 Oasis played two record breaking nights at the gigantic outdoor venue. Over a quarter of a million fans from all over the world converged on Knebworth Park to pay homage to the mighty Mancunians. To mark the 25th anniversary Weekend Offender have created two special edition graphic t-shirts.

These classic crewnecks feature a striking Knebworth inspired chest print, the brands iconic internal labels and the trademark ‘Admit Nothing’ sign off. I have to say though that the Supernova version is my favourite by far, especially with that raised silhouette Liam figure. And if you order one now you’ll have a few more weeks to show it off in the summer Suuuuunshiiiiinnneee!!! (Sorry).

You can buy both of these these t-shirts here.