I’ve never really been an arty person, that is I can’t draw or paint to save my life! However I’ve always liked spray can art and also art that’s inspired by music, film and casual culture. The only problem is that there’s just not enough decent stuff about to tickle my fancy, that’s why I was delighted to be introduced to The Secret Saint.

This creative new enterprise is the brainchild of Manchester based Jamie Hart, an old school retailer of rare vintage clobber and one off finds who decided to combine this love of art, clothing, music and cult movies to create his unique range of artwork and prints.

From images of Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, Clothing, Trainers, The Casual Scene and Rave Culture (to mention just a few) the work of The Secret Saint is something that everyday people like us can relate too.

When I was growing up I simply couldn’t bare to those poncy arty types on the telly! You know the ones, all dressed up like geography teachers whilst standing in front of hideous paintings saying things like “It’s very… well… errr… yeah, well… it’s… very… very immediate darling!”

Now call me a philistine (or a twat) but I need art that I can relate to, art that I can understand and art that’s relevant to my life, so The Secret Saint is like a gift from the gods, well god’s own city, Manchester!

So be sure to head over to their Instagram page (@thesecretsaint_) and give them a follow! A word of warning though, once you do, you’ll be hooked!