Now then, if you haven’t yet checked out the latest seasonal offerings from Weekend Offender then I suggest you do so, right after you’ve read this article obviously!

Yes, Weekend Offender are most definitely back with a bang for SS’23 with an almighty collection of Casual Staples, including this rather fetching ‘MELONS’ T-SHIRT.

Its eye catching design features the lyrics from The Happy Mondays classic “Step On” formed in the shape of a vinyl record. In keeping with the vinyl record theme the centre (also known as ‘The Play Hole’ in DJ circles) features a Happy Monday’s (album cover) styled Weekend Offender artwork.

“You know it looks so hip man, its twistin my melon man, call the cops” etc!

As you’d expect, the t-shirt itself has been cut from 100% Cotton and features the brands signature ‘Admit Nothing’ sign off label at the seam.

This is a stellar (not Stella) seasonal piece, and it comes in two colourway’s, ROSEWATER and WHITE, both of which will look great underneath your ridiculously expensive Italian Jacket, or Overshirt (worn opened of course)!

It’ll also look the part at the upcoming Summer Festivals, around the pool in Ayia Napa, or just for your three mile walk to the bogs in Wetherspoons!

Buy a Weekend Offender ‘MELONS’ Tee from the brands official website here.