Unless you’ve been living off-grid for the last 48 hours (or under a rock), you’ve probably heard the news that the eagerly anticipated book CLOBBER (Bridging the gap between Casuals and their Clobber) curated by Female Casual, Author and Model Miss Roo Oxley is now available to pre-order from Amazon!

Yes indeed, this unique 348 page masterpiece combines primary sources, joint memories, experiences, and real life knowledge, not to mention scholarly research!

Roo has spent the last couple of years speaking to key individuals involved in some way with terrace culture: inter-firms, inter-cities, international, and together they all reach for a joint conclusion centred around the future of brands for football casuals in the modern day.

Some of the major faces on the scene have contributed to this very special project, including yours truly (not that I am one to blow smoke up my own arse or anything)! In fact, you can ask anyone who knows me, I don’t even own a vape!

And what really makes this book truly unique is the fact that it’s been written from a ‘Female Casuals’ perspective.

It also explores the thinking behind Casuals and their consumption of brands, all of which makes for a truly refreshing change from the run-of-the-mill (and often predictable) books from the Casual genre.

As a contributor, I had the honour (and pleasure) of reading the original transcript, and trust me, its the dogs bollocks!

Clobber goes on general sale on September 8th, and better still you can pre-order your copy here.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to Amazon and order your copy NOW, and Wha?!!!