There are those that say Stone Island have lost their way, or that Stone Island never made anything decent after Paul Harvey had left. There are even some that say Stone Island never produced anything noteworthy after Massimo Osti left the company. Well, all I can say to that is bollocks!

Granted, like many of the purists I love the vintage gear, but lets not just look back with rose tinted glasses here! Even back in the heady days of Osti and (then) Harvey, Stone Island still turned out some shitty looking (and feeling) pieces, despite all of the top notch tackle that still flowed from the label during those respective eras.

And like it or not, times change, and the brand had to move on (despite the opinions of us hardened Casual types)! However, there’s no denying that Stone Island are still knocking out some seriously suave schmutter. A case in point being this MACRO RIPSTOP NYLON METAL PARKA IN ECONYL® REGENERATED NYLON DOWN-TC.

Okay, its a right old mouthful, but fuck me isn’t this an absolute beast of a jacket?

Yes, this jaw dropping piece has been crafted from the brands iconic Nylon Metal fabric, which (for those that don’t know) is a material with a metallic and iridescent shimmer. Or as Stone Island themselves put it ‘A material with a metallic and iridescent look when garment dyed’.

As previously mentioned, things move on, and the evolution of this iconic fabric sees the use of ECONYL® regenerated yarns. The end-of-life nylon (pre- and post-consumer), is recycled with a complex depolymerization process to create a fibre that features the same intrinsic characteristics of nylon from fossil raw material.

Of course, this is a winter coat, and this heavy duty piece has also been padded out with the finest feathers, which have been specifically treated to withstand the garment dyeing process. Plus, they’ll also keep you feeling as warm as a freshly toasted Pop Tart!

And to finish things off, a special PFC-free anti-drop agent has been added to make the piece mildly water resistant.

So there you have it, living proof that Stone Island are still worthy of their rich heritage. I’d even go as far as saying that both Osti and Harvey would be proud to put their names to this splendid smoother, well at least that’s what I think!

Head of to the official Stone Island website here and see for yourself.