Albam have been knocking out proper decent clobber since 2006, like this splendid bit of kit which is based on a vintage military jacket and features two large patch pockets to the front as well as a peaked hood with cord adjusters, there is also a cord adjuster to the waist to help you find your perfect fit.  It’s simplistic, functional and above all very smart, not to mention very well made.  The jacket is constructed from a heavy weight 100% cotton twill and is available in blue and also lavender, or to call it by it’s scientific name Lavandula!  Did you know that lavender is derived from the Latin verb, “lavare,” which means to wash? And also that it comes from the same family as mint?  No? well neither did I until I looked it up earlier today, anyway if you fancy grabbing yourself one of these fine garments then head over to Albam now.