Founded in 2006 PG wear is aimed almost exclusively at the European Ultra, and the way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with that, besides they do make some top quality clobber.  The brands tagline is “On the street, in the stadium” and their high quality garments truly reflect this core philosophy.  PG Wear state that they created the label because “We could not notice any brand which would fully identify with our culture.  Being armed only with our passion and believing that we know exactly which products European stadiums lack; we started to create clothes for football supporters.  From the very beginning, our priorities were quality and design uniqueness”.

All of the brands fine garments are manufactured in Poland from top-quality fabrics with attention paid to the smallest detail, the brand also collaborates with talented graphic designers from all over the world to produce one of a kind pieces.  The end result is a range of superb casual wear, accessories and even balaclavas, I mean what more do you need for Russia 2018?  I really like PG Wear and what they stand for, it’s right up my street, so please take a look at their website and check out their superb range of terrace toggery