Now we all love a bit of Danny Dyer don’t we? I mean he’s a proper geezer, or as they say in his native city of London, a “pwoper fridge freezer”.  Now he may not be everyone’s cup of tea but to us casual folk he’s a bit of an icon, one of our own and all that.  There has been a lot written about our Danny over the years, some of it good, some of it really bad, and some of it downright unfair and disrespectful.  It has to be said that joining the cast of the highly depressing Eastenders has probably dented his reputation a little bit, however I prefer to think of him in his iconic roles as Tommy Johnson in The Football Factory and Frankie in The Business, yes good old Danny Dyer at his brilliant best.

As well as the classic films and bad episodes of the East End based soap opera there have been some brilliant Danny Dyer memes doing the rounds on the worldwide web, so I thought I would share a few with you to cheer you up and help you through the post bank holiday blues.  It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with clothes or trainers, but so what, I think they are “pwoper laavley”!