When Flannels posted a few pictures of the CP Company x Sergio Pizzorno “The Minds Eye” cape on their official Facebook page last week it attracted some really brutal comments, and I mean brutal.  Kasabian had just headlined at the Isle Of Wight festival and guitarist/songwriter Serge Pizzorno took the opportunity to unveil this controversial garment to the world.  The cape itself is constructed from CP Company’s thermo reactive Nyfoil fabric and features the same double bellow pockets that were used on one of the SS18 Nyfoil jackets, however that’s where the conventional design ends.

The controversial feature that seemed to offend so many people on social media is the hood that has two regular Millie Miglia goggles and a watchviewer lens set just above the goggles, yes that’s right three goggles!  The third controversial lens relates to the “Minds Eye” which is mystical concept of a speculative and invisible third eye, apparently this provides perception beyond ordinary sight, it’s real mystical muso shizzle!  I have to say that I really like it, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t buy one myself, however I think it’s a really clever design concept all the same.  Also I wouldn’t wear one of these either, I mean capes should only be adorned by superhero’s and Victorian serial killers!

If you fancy laying your hands on one of these then be warned, there will only be 100 available when they get released in the Autumn and they will be exclusive to Flannels, and despite all the hateful and negative comments on social media they will get snapped up by collectors in no time.  Now is it just me or does Serge look like he needs to eat a few pies and a couple of good Sunday roasts? I mean he’s got legs like a f*cking sparrow, well I guess that’s just Rock n Roll maaan.