Those cheeky rascals at weekend Offender have just released a couple of teasers via their social network pages to announce the forthcoming City Series 03, and it’s caused quite a stir amongst the UK casual fraternity.  The new series is likely to be a range of top quality tees, although it’s not known yet whether the new designs will also be available on sweatshirts, personally I can’t wait to lay my hands on a couple of these t-shirts, especially the Napoli and Milan versions, the latter being particularly fitting given that Weekend Offender flagship store is based in the city.  As with previous City Series releases the range is likely to be limited in number so I suggest that you keep your mince pies peeled to avoid missing out.  Well all that talk of mince pies is making me very hungry so I am off to stuff my face high calorie stodge to help me through this mother of all hangovers!