Despite it being Monday morning I left the house today feeling all jolly and full of beans, the reason for my merriment was mostly (if not all) due to the mild temperatures outside.  At last transitional weather is upon us (well nearly) and I was finally able to wear one of my favourite lightweight Italian jackets without having to spoil the overall aesthetic by layering up.  I love this time of year, and I especially love all the new seasonal releases from my favourite brands, like this lush lightweight Lacerta jacket from MA.STRUM.

The Lacerta jacket is a modified version of a classic coaching jacket which has been crafted from a lightweight and breathable nylon taffeta fabric.  The piece is cut with a classic pointed collar and features a large snap fastening chest pocket and two side entry lower pockets, again with snap fastening.  The adjustable cuffs also come with snap fastening so I suppose you could say that this is a really snappy jacket (sorry)!  We had a rather lively discussion here at Clobber HQ this morning as to whether this is an overshirt or a jacket, for me it’s an overshirt all day long, but why not check it out here and decide for yourself.