I was 11 years old when I got my very first pair of Adidas trainers, I was about to start high school and my mum (god bless her soul) finally relented and bought me a pair of Adidas Houston from Olympus Sports on Market Street in Manchester, this was a pivotal moment in my formative years and it began a life long love affair with the brand.  In actual fact I loved the brand long before then but my poor old mum couldn’t afford to buy me a pair, up until that point I was always decked out in black plimsolls, you know those vile black slip on one’s, the proper “Borstal Breakouts”!

I love the classic Adidas OG trainers, but I also love the modern stuff too, and when these two worlds collide you end up with a proper tasty pair of trabs, like these drop dead Adidas 5923 Iniki runners.  The combination of the old school terrace upper sat atop an ultra boost sole makes the shoe appealing to both the old school casual fraternity and the younger sneaker freaks alike, especially after Kanye West dropped a triple white pair at Glastonbury!  The 5923 comes in several stunning colour schemes and you can explore them all by clicking here.