First released in 1979, the SL80 was labelled as a lightweight running shoe.  The purpose of these stripes was training.  One thing that’s admirable about the SL80 is its simplicity.  The SL80 only combines 3 materials.  The upper of the shoe consists of nylon and suede and the outsole rubber.  That is it. Nothing too flash, just simply 3 materials to make it lightweight for its purpose.  The SL 80 is labelled as sports footwear and just from looking at the aesthetics of this shoe, you could tell that this would be the case.

This particular version are a German pair of the SL 80’s from 1979.  The aesthetics are amazing,  the gold and blue colour scheme looks very strong on these.  Also the shape of the trainer is iconic, inspiring multiple other versions of stripes over the years.  The mix of suede and nylon for the upper of the shoe makes great texture.  What’s interesting about the pair pictured above is the choice of colours, (Made in Germany), utilising blue and gold.  The navy and gold has most recently been used in the Adidas Munchen 2016.  It looks great there too, the SL 80 may potentially be the first iconic pair to take on this colourway.

The SL 80  has gone under significant restoration over the years.  The latest version dcumented on the size? blog has some significant differences.  The rubber insole is now synthetic, which probably make it lighter weight.  There is a slightly raised ankle and the midsole is chunkier.  The latest version looks good as a re release, but you can’t beat the original really.

My Vintage tour is now creeping up on the 80’s, we’ve already had one look at some 80’s classics in the Columbia, but I’ll be exploring all over the place before I finish.  There’s a long way to go yet. Please still share your stories!  I’ve had some great ones so far which I’m yet to share with you, and if you have any vintage Adidas, send us a picture and we’ll do a blog post on them.GD

George Discote – @Originalsoleog