The last decade has seen the rise of a new shopping phenomenon, the social media power seller, with mouth watering designer deals at knockdown prices this new breed of intrepid entrepreneurs have changed the landscape of retailing forever.  One such seller is Pete Hibbard and his online business T.E.C Clothing, despite being a relative newcomer his irresistible combination of high end designer clobber and heavily discounted prices has seen T.E.C establish itself as a firm favourite amongst the UK casual fraternity.  We caught up with Pete to talk social media selling, the casual scene and of course designer clobber!

Where did it all begin for T.E.C Clothing?

Town End Casual Clothing started out by just selling a few things onto mates locally and things went from there really.  I have bought from sellers on social media myself for years, so I thought why not give it a go…. luckily enough, I found someone who could help me and it took off from there.  The T.E.C name originated from something me and my mates used to call ourselves when we were kids, Town End Casuals, Town End is an area where we all lived.

Do you think selling via social media will overtake traditional shopping websites?

I think they both play a major role in selling, although social media is definitely becoming more popular, and accessible.  I think there will always be a demand for traditional online websites though.

When did you first get into the casual scene?

From a young age, I loved the Italian sportswear Fila, Sergio Tacchini, Ellesse, Adidas trainers and especially tennis gear.  As I got into my early teens I found Stone Island and C.P Comapny which led me onto most Massimo Osti brands which I still love and collect today.  I bought my first piece of Stone Island in ’93, a Burgundy Sweatshirt!

What are your favourite brands?

Stone Island, Vintage C.P., Engineered Garments, Plurimus and Adidas Spezial.  There is a new Italian designer that I really like called Daniele Sferlazzo who brings British and Italian styles together, one to watch out for lads!

Other subcultures such as the Punks, Mods and Skinheads came and went, what do you think it is about Casual that makes it transcend generations?

The “in” casual brands change, but the casual styles remain strong,  it’s more of a uniform to some lads which I can definitely relate too.  I think it’s also more of a family tradition which gets passed down from Father to son and so on.

What’s next for T.E.C?

Just to keep on doing what I am doing and keep on doing it well, and also to build a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

If you’re looking for some affordable high end designer gear be sure to check out T.E.C Clothing on Facebook and Instagram, Pete is a lovely geezer and he’ll be delighted to hear from you, just tell him Clobber Magazine sent you!