Fourteen years on from the release of the cult gangster flick “The Business” Danny Dyer and Tamer Hassan are set to return with the long awaited sequel “Back in Business”.  Tamer who played the part of “The Playboy” has reportedly written the script for the new film and he is currently in talks with production companies and investors in a bid to bring it to the big screen.

It’s not known yet whether director Nick Love will be involved, although it’s inconceivable that a remake could be made without him.  The original film was superb, it had great actors, a great script, stunning sets and locations and most of all a fabulous wardrobe provided by 80’s Casual Classics, so I am hoping for more of the same, and more of those trademark Danny Dyer dramatic voice-overs!

“If you leave the house without an umbrella when it’s WAINING you’re bound to get wet”