Clobber mag, clobber mag where have you been?  We’ve been up to London to visit the queen, okay we haven’t really, we’ve actually been on a well deserved two week break, but now we’re back, fully rested and ready to go!

In case you didn’t know myself and my fellow contributors work on a purely voluntary basis to keep Clobber Magazine online.  Our work is born out of our passion for fashion and not profit, we run the magazine alongside our full time jobs and academic studies, so occasionally we need to take a break and recharge our batteries, did you miss us then?

Anyway what better way to return could there possibly be than to share the latest Eyes On The City film from CP Company with the masses?  The latest addition to this popular series has been shot in Paris and features Irish rap artist Rejjie Snow.  In the film Rejjie talks about his love for the city and the influence that it has had on his relationship with art.  It really is a captivating piece of film so I don’t want to spoil it for you with endless gushing waffle!  So just press play, sit back and indulge yourself in the delights of Eyes On The City Paris.