Why are the Italians so good at making coats and jackets?  In fact why are Italians so darn cool?  And can anyone tell me if it’s un-cool for a geeza to drive a Fiat 500?  You see I’ve just passed my driving test and I am currently rolling around in one!  Now I reckon it’s a proper cool car, granted it may be small but it’s got bags of character and plenty of Italian styling, rather like this handsome Hub Reflex Jacket from Paul & Shark.

This sumptuous smoother has been constructed from black on black cotton which has been dyed and coated with a solar effect paper, this in turn has been immersed in a specially formulated substance to make it water repellent, it’s Primaloft technology will also keep you nice and warm during the cold winter months.  Above all else this jacket will make you look cooler than James Dean riding a BMX, well of course it would, it’s made by Italians, and they’re dead good at making cars and jackets for some reason!  Anyway I think I need stop typing now and direct you to the Paul & Shark website via our handy shortcut here.