Ever since 1982 Stone Island have pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible in the field of fabric research and garment dying, they also make some fantastic promotional videos too, like this super stylish short film made to showcase their new Gore-Tex Infinium™ pieces.

The Jacket and Parka come with sheepskin hoods, they are also cut in from Gore-Tex Infinium™, a two-layer performance material.  The Gore-Tex Infinium™ is made of ultra-light polyester span with 50 micro denier yarns which have been bonded to a fine membrane.  This makes the finished garments extremely breathable, durable and water resistant, not to mention totally windproof.

To help keep out the winter chills the garments are padded with a PrimaLoft® layer, just what the doctor ordered, well he didn’t actually order it, in fact I’ve not been to the doctors in ages!   Anyway if you haven’t already seen it – just feast your eyes on the promo video, its rather good you know!