Fancy a nice bit of ‘Tom Foolery’ for Christmas?  Well how about these beautiful bits of bijouterie brought to you by Weekend Offender and breakthrough designer Johnny Hoxton!

Inspired by his father (a master craftsman with 30 year’s experience in Hatton Garden), Johnny Hoxton became obsessed with the aesthetics of both street culture and luxury product.  He has made jewellery for the likes of Goldie, Cara Delevigne, Nike, Sweet Toof and Ben Eine amongst others.

You can choose from a silver key (handy for whenever you might need one) or a boxing glove.  Each piece is made from sterling silver and comes on a 24″ chain featuring a spring ring clasp, tastefully presented in a black and gold box, lined with lace and placed on velvet padding.

If you’re stuck for a gift idea these adorable adornments may be the answer to your prayers, better still buy one for your missus and you can wear it too!  Now I am not that big on jewellery myself but I absolutely love what’s been created here, come to think about it I absolutely love Weekend Offender, and the fact that you’re reading this article must mean that you love them too!

So to save you time and effort you can check out their new range of bedazzling bling here.