Whenever I think of a holy trinity the likes of Best, Law and Chartlon come to mind, or Curry Goat, Rice and Peas!  Well how about this for a holy trinity – Harvey, Osti and Pungetti?  In this case the particular Osti in question is none other than Lorenzo Osti, son and heir to the fabled Osti Archive.

Harvey, Osti and Pungetti were brought together in 2018 to make a captivating short film ‘CP Company – A Journey To The Origin Of Sportswear’.  In the film these three wise men travel through the brands rich history and its milestones, from the early years as Chester Perry to the invention of garment dyeing, the Explorer Jacket, and of course the Mille Miglia.

The icing on the cake for me is the fact that all of the dialogue is in Italian (with English subtitles) which Paul Harvey speaks beautifully, so crack open an ice cold Moretti, a pack of Italian cold cuts and enjoy the wonderful history of CP Company.