Whilst reading through the comments on a Pretty Green Facebook post over the weekend I came across a remark from a geezer who said that Pretty Green ‘don’t make decent trainers’, well this idiot clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about does he?  To make it even worse the post in question was showcasing these super smart suede sneaks!

Well you can’t account for bad taste can you, and I can only imagine what kind of shite this fella has stashed away in his wardrobe!  Anyway these gorgeous trainers are cut from a sumptuous soft suede and feature gold tonal branding and brushed cotton laces, all of which are sat atop a solid rubber sole unit.

You could quite easily drop these trainers whilst supping a hot Bovril on the terraces, equally they wouldn’t look out of place being worn on a night out either, and at just £75 a pair you really can’t go wrong.  You can shop for the Black or Brown iterations here.