Oh my god, Stone Island stop it, stop it please, please stop knocking out such tantalising toggery at such an astounding rate, if not I will have to re-mortgage the house!  On a serious note there’s hardly a week that goes by lately when Stone island are not hitting us with brand new release of garment dyed greatness.

The latest offering sees the release of a stunning Membrana Anorak and a pair of matching cargo pants made of two – three-layer performance fabrics – a light opaque nylon and a more consistent oxford woven nylon – both laminated with a breathable membrane.

These stunning pieces have been given the full DUST COLOUR treatment which provides a pigment patina on the surface of the finished garments, this makes for a three-dimensional effect that is unique and unrepeatable to each garment.

I absolutely love this jacket, especially those large pockets at the rear which are reminiscent of those found on the legendary Swiss Army Alpenflage Jacket.  As for the cargo pants their not too shabby either, they kinda complete ‘The Hero’s Of Telemark’ look!  You can shop for these phenomenal pieces here, in the meantime you can fill your boots with the fabulous video!