You really can’t beat a nice parka can you?  And you’ll be hard pushed to find one that could better this lightweight piece of pure parka perfection from legendary British designer Margaret Howell.

This fine three quarter length jacket has been made in Italy from Ventile® cotton (and we all know how good that is don’t we)?  The parka also features a drawstring hood, a two way front zipper and large button through flap pockets.

As well as being extremely well made and waterproof this parka is also ultra lightweight which is just what you need as we head into the unpredictable transitional season.  I don’t know about you but I like to wear jackets and parkas all year round, regardless of how hot it get’s, so a piece like this is the answer to all my prayers.

If I had this parka in my possession right now I would be tempted to go and borrow my mates Lambretta LI scooter and ride it to the nearest hotel so I could shout “Bell Boy, Bell Boy” through the lobby several times before making my escape.

Admittedly in the film Quadrophenia Jimmy didn’t actually ride up to the hotel did he (because his scooter had already been trashed by then)?  In actual fact he walked up to the hotel and shouted “Bell Boy, Bell Boy” several times before proceeding to nick the Ace Face’s Vespa GS, but we’re just splitting hairs now!

Anyway enough of that, you can shop for this splendid smoother here.