This self isolation thing is a real drag isn’t it?  And as we head into a possible full on lock down it’s important that we keep our spirits up and stick together.

As always we will do all we can to keep you entertained and up to speed with what’s hot and what’s not, well actually we wouldn’t write about anything that’s not hot would we?  Would we fuck, we’re Clobber Magazine, the Casuals voice and the ladies choice!

Anyway whilst on the subject of what’s hot have you seen this lush ‘Lorenzo’ bucket hat from Ellesse?  It’s proper nice innit?  Not only has it got coloured stripes all the way around, it also comes with eyelets on the side for ventilation, and at just £20 a pop you really can’t go wrong!

Glasto may be cancelled but we’re still going to have a summertime, even the Coronavirus can’t stop that, and where there’s sun there’s always a party or two, and you’ll be the coolest cat at the bbq with this on your barnet.

See you feel better already don’t you?  Yeah of course you do!  My work on this planet is done, well for today anyway!

You can shop for this terrific titfer on the official Ellesse website here.