There seems to be a lot of cookbooks floating around at the moment with the word ‘f*ck’ in the title, and one of the best by far is ‘F*ck That’s Delicious’ by Action Bronson.

Now I don’t know about you but Action Bronson sounds like a cheesy 1980’s TV cop character, as it happens he’s a rapper, writer, chef, and a television presenter!  His TV show also named ‘F*ck That’s Delicious’ is a massive hit over in the states.

Anyway this big hearted book (described as an annotated guide to eating well) features over 40 recipes inspired by Bronson’s childhood, family and also his travels.  From the best tacos in LA to the finest 5 star gaffs on earth this book has got something for everyone, and seeing as how every man and his dog has been ‘getting his cook on’ recently it might be right up your street.

You can buy Bronson’s brilliant book here.