Since this whole COVID19 thing started I’ve not done much clothes shopping, what with the lockdowns and restrictions to our freedoms there didn’t seem much point in buying any new gear, so over the weekend I went and treated myself to a new CP Company Crome overshirt (or is it a smock)?  And I am absolutely head over heels in love with it.  

Of course whenever you purchase a CP Company garment you know that you’re getting a quality bit of kit and this sublime smoother certainly lives up to these high expectations.  Firstly its garment dyed, secondly it features two amazing military style buckled down chest compartments, each one sticks to the lustrous surface with Velcro strips providing superb manoeuvrability.  The button up placket on this piece is perfect too as it allows you to create several different looks depending on your mood.

This beautiful smoother has been signed off with the iconic CP lens to the left sleeve which sits atop a handy little utility pocket and finishes things of rather nicely.  This year has had a really negative effect on my relationship with clothes, mainly because I’ve not been wearing any of my best gear.  So it feels like I am having to fall in love with my clobber all over again and owning this piece is like having a seductive new mistress who’s absolutely gagging for it! 

You can get your own little bit on the side from the CP Company website here