Just like every other decent person I was horrified to witness the murder of George Floyd at the hands of an overly violent Policeman.  I also fully support peoples right to protest and to show their solidarity, but what has happened since is simply not on!  Attacking innocent people, knocking coppers of horses and vandalising war memorials, this isn’t protesting, this is down right sick.  Those responsible should hang their heads in shame and prey that they haven’t helped to bring about the dreaded second wave of COVID19.

This Saturday (13th) thousands of UK casuals will descend on London, not to fight, not to cause trouble, but to prevent any further desecration of our war memorials, and I for one will be joining them!  We don’t preach politics here at Clobber Magazine, but seeing those snotty nosed, slapped arsed ANTIFA wankers desecrating our war memorials is something that we simply cannot stomach.  I hope to see some of you down there, after all ‘What else are you gunna do on a Saturday’!