When I was a wee snip of a lad (around 1980-81), I became transfixed with clothing worn by members of the Casual fraternity, in fact, it began a lifelong obsession with high end Italian labels.

It was an obsession that would change the course of my life, but fear not, I shan’t bore you with all that today!

There was also one another thing that would have a profound influence on my tastes in fashion, and also how I viewed the world, and it came from the most unlikely source!

At that time there was a song that was always being played on radio, despite the fact that it had been released at the end of the previous decade. The song was called ‘He’s The Greatest Dancer’, by Sister Sledge.

Although its a decent enough little ditty, disco has never really been my thing, however for me (and my growing obsession) there was a killer line in the track that set my brain racing!

“He wears the finest clothes, the best designers heaven knows, Ooh, from his head down to his toes. Halston, Gucci, FIORUCCI, he looks like a still, that man is dressed to kill”.

And more than any other, it was the word FIORUCCI that reached out grabbed my attention.

Yes, the legendary Italian fashion house just seemed to exude luxury, opulence and glamour, especially to a scruffy working class lad from inner city Manchester.

I knew there and then that I wanted to wear only the finest Italian garms, the only problem was that I would have to wait until I could afford to buy them!

Sadly by the time I had come of age Fiorucci had pretty much vanished. Of course there had been many sagas and changes of ownership along the way, during which time other luxury Italian brands had filled the void.

Fast forward to 2015 (the year Elio Fiorucci himself passed away), and the brand was sold by Japanese trading house Itochu to Janie Schaffer (an ex- CEO of Victoria’s Secret), and her business partner and former husband Stephen.

Finally in 2017 the iconic brand was relaunched (much to my delight), and it’s never looked back.

Of course its always a gamble to try and revive such an iconic label, even so, in this instance they’ve totally nailed it!

And here we are in 2023 with yet another superb Autumn/Winter Fiorucci collection, one which harks back to the brands 1970’s pop culture heyday, exemplified perfectly by this stunning ‘L’APERITIVO t-shirt.

This luxurious tee has been cut in a relaxed fit and features a classic crewneck, short sleeves, and a straight hem, oh, and its also crafted from 100% premium Organic cotton.

The tee has been signed off with the iconic Fiorucci logo and a striking L’aperitivo graphic print to the chest, perfezione!

I’d like to think that with deigns like this, Fiorucci is finally here to stay, but for that to happen we all need to play our part!

So why not head over to the brands official website here and treat yourself to some of their super suave schmutter!