There is a domestic argument looming on the horizon later this month involving myself and my missus, the cause of which will be a breathtaking long smock parka brought to you by Liam Gallagher and Nigel Cabourn, and it will go something like this:

Good morning sweetheart your looking even lovelier than usual today, have you changed your hairstyle or something?

What are you after?

Nothing.. just thought I’d tell you how lovely you look, wow have you seen the new collaboration between Liam Gallagher and Nigel Cabourn?

No I haven’t seen it, and no matter what it is your not getting one!

Who said I am getting one?  I’ll tell you what though love.. you wanna see the clobber.  They’ve put together a fantastic collection of parkas, well they’re long smocks to be precise and they’re the dogs bollocks.


No what, I am just saying that’s all, they’ll be worth a right few quid within no time, in fact getting one of these is a very sensible investment, what with Brexit and all that!  It’s a good time to put our money into a sound investment, I mean you never know what’s around the corner do you?


Listen sweetheart I am thinking about our future here!


But their made out of Ventile and there’s even a reversible one!

I said NO!

Listen, they’re being released later this month and they’ll sell out within no time, so I need to act quickly to secure our future, not to mention the future of our kids and grandkids!

Fuck off you selfish immature bastard, I am off to bed, you can sleep on the couch!!!

The jackets go on pre-sale on the 15th October and general sale on the 21st of October.  The Ventile Parka will be available on the Nigel Cabourn website and also from Nigel Cabourn Army Gym stores in London and Japan along with selected retailers.  The Reversible Ripstop Smock will be exclusive to the brands website and Army Gym stores.  To find out more simply click here.