There’s a hell of a lot of virtue signalling going on at the moment isn’t there?  And there’s a fair bit of it going on within the fashion industry too, responsible this, sustainable that, only for certain brands to then go on and produce products that are anything but responsible and sustainable.  Honestly this sort of hypocritical bullshit really makes my piss boil!

There is one brand though that truly lives and breathes these values, and that’s Parisian based brand Veja.  From the very beginning Veja have placed fair trade and sustainability at the heart of everything that they do.  I’ve posted a video at the end of this article which tells the story behind the brand, and its a truly uplifting and inspirational tale.

Not only are Veja’s products ethical and sustainable, they also look the bollocks too, like these Rio Branco Hexamesh in Gravel Black Marsala.  Now I know it sounds like a chefs special from the local Indian but these trainers are a serious bit of foot schmutter.  The Hexamesh upper (which has been constructed from 70% organic cotton and 30% recycled polyester mix) sits atop a grippy outsole which has been made from wild rubber farmed from the Amazonian rain forest.

The jersey lining is cut from a 33% cotton and 67% recycled polyester mixed fabric whilst the insole has been manufactured from wild rubber and synthetic materials.  These beautiful shoes have been finished with luxurious panels made out of leather and water-repllent suede.  And to add a further touch of luxury the tongue is also cut from the same leather/suede fabric, nice aren’t they?

You can buy these stunning sneaks here, and don’t forget to watch the video will you?  It’s rather good you know!