Once upon a time the Casual scene was all about having gear that no one else was wearing, as opposed to the standard ‘Casual uniform’ that seems to be the norm these days.

Back then it was all about having clobber that really stood out in a crowd, and for me that’s never changed.  I always look to buy schmutter that you just don’t see everyday, a case in point being these fabulous ‘Flow Runners’ from Spanish fashion house LOEWE.

This luxury label has been knocking out top quality clobber since 1846, and their gear is second to none.  These superb runners feature a soft touch upper with suede overlays sat atop a honey rubber waved sole that curves around the toe and to the back of the heel.  And to further add to your smug satisfaction you just know that you won’t see many pairs of these about when the footy grounds re-open.  A word of warning though, these trotters are not cheap, but one-upmanship never has been has it!

Buy a pair of Flow Runners from the official LOEWE website here.