When Parajumpers first arrived on the scene back in 2006 I did wonder where the brand would fit in, especially when pitched against its famous Italian neighbours CP Company and Stone island, however I needn’t have worried because they took the world by storm, as you’d expect from a Papajumper!

Founder Massimo Rossetti created the brand after a chance meeting with a member of the 210th Parajumpers Rescue Squadron whilst sat in a bar in Alaska, I mean you really couldn’t write it could you?  It was this image of the courageous Papajumper which formed the foundation of the brands super cool aesthetic, and a modern day legend was born.

Although I am the proud owner of not one, but two Gobi jackets I wouldn’t want you to think that I was biased or anything like that, far from it.  And regular readers of these pages will know that I always say it like it is, after all we’re Clobber Magazine, the Casuals voice and the ladies choice!

So we can all agree then that Parajumpers are the real deal, as is their forthcoming AW’21 collection.  This new Autumn/Winter range is about as diverse as it gets.  From ultra lightweight down pieces to water resistant leather wear and garment dyed down filled bomber jackets this awe inspiring collection is everything you’d expect from a brand that’s famed their technical credentials.

So whether you’re heading off to the Alps or just down to Aldi in Aberdeen, Parajumpers should be your go-to brand this winter.  Make no mistake, they have truly raised the bar here.  So Mr Rossetti, we salute you, Saluto!      

Be sure to check out the current collections on the Parajumpers official website here.