You can’t beat a nice crewneck sweater can you? Okay, maybe with a free bag of Charlie and a blowjob you can, but crewnecks are still pretty decent aren’t they? Which brings me on to this minimal masterpiece from Times New Roman.

In case you didn’t now Times New Roman is a serif typeface (or font) which was commissioned by the Times Newspaper in 1931. The simplicity of its design serves as the inspiration for a brand that seeks to look back to the simplest forms of beauty, and they’ve totally nailed the concept with this sweater.         

The sweater is cut from an 85% organic cotton and polyester mixed fabric and features that simplistic yet striking (Typed in Paris) branding across the chest – making it a perfectly stylish layering piece for the cold months ahead, well that’s what I think anyway! 

Next time you’re browsing the net why not take a look at the TNR website?