After yet another heavy weekend on the sauce I’ve logged on this morning to an inbox which is fuller than a fat birds shoe! I honestly think that I am beginning to hate Tuesdays even more than Mondays! 

Anyway if (like me) you’re far to busy to hit the information super highway looking for what’s hot and what’s not in the world of Terrace fashion then you needn’t worry, because I’ll save you the BOVVER… da dum tish!!! (sorry).       

Yes Weekend Offender have teamed up with their top mate Leo Gregory for yet another one of his signature collections, and if that Lilac t-shirt and Jacket are anything to go by then it’s gunna be pretty fucking special. The collection goes live this Thursday (23rd) at 6pm BST on the official Weekend Offender website. So make a note in your diary under ‘That Lilac Jacket’, and make sure you get in there first!

P.S: For any Hermits, Around The World Yachtsmen or Tibetan Monks reading this article Bovver was the character played by Leo Gregory in the ropey Football Hooligan flick Greenstreet, hence my shit joke in paragraph two!