Massachusetts, who in their right mind would name a place Massachusetts? Coming to think about it who in their right mind would name a song Massachusetts, I mean it’s just too much of a mouthful innit, especially after a few sherbets. Anyway it’s a good job someone did establish Massachusetts because in 1975 Harvey Gross created Penfield in Hudson, Massachusetts and the company quickly built a reputation for making rather good down jackets.  Since then Penfield have been creating all manner of fine garments like this rather splendid Four Pocket (Vassen) Parka which is constructed from a water resistant and wind proof cotton nylon fabric. I love a good parka and this is no exception, with four big pockets and bound internal seams to keep out those nasty spring showers this is the perfect transitional jacket.  If I had this piece in my current collection I would be over the moon, however the geezer modelling it looks like he’s just divorced Beyoncé and woke up next to White Dee from Benefits Street!  Anyway you can purchase this fine jacket here.