I have been lucky enough to own some superb jackets over the years but nothing has ever come close to the Mille Miglia jacket.  Now I think its only fair to say that the word iconic is used far too easily these days, however this jacket truly is an icon, and for me personally it has never been bettered.  I often wonder if Massimo Osti could have ever envisaged what his unique creation would become and what it would mean to the world.  Actually the man was a genius so he probably knew full well that he was creating a masterpiece, I mean how could he not?

Decades on from the first prototypes the Mille Miglia jacket is as good today as it ever was, a case in point is the new Quartz version from the SS019 collection.  Quartz is a fabric developed as a composite of different elements (just like its namesake).  The fabric is woven from a multitude of different types of nylon yarn, each one responding differently to C.P. Company’s unique garment dyeing process, this in turn produces subtle variations in colour.  As well as being made from this sumptuous water resistant fabric the jacket has also been updated with new look pockets to compliment the iconic goggles and watchviewer lense.  The Quartz Goggle Jacket is available now on the CP Company website and you can shop for it here.