Is there anything that Stone Island can’t do?  Probably not, they’re just really good at everything that they turn their hand to, like this superb new jacket that comes in a ‘Plated Reflective Fabric’ with a ‘Dust Colour Finish’.  There’s also a stunning pair of shorts to go with it, but let’s just focus on the jacket for now.

Instead of boring you with my trademark cheesy puns – here’s what Stone Island have to say about the piece:

“Hooded jacket made with a nylon tela base fabric plated with a water and wind resistant highly reflective resin substance containing thousands of glass microspheres.  The piece is then subjected to a DUST COLOR treatment, a process providing a pigment patina on the surface, for a three-dimensional effect that is unique to each garment.  A special agent is added to the process for an anti-drop effect”.

See what I mean, they’re even good at describing things as too!  And make no mistake chaps, this is yet another ground breaker from those highly imaginative Italians, and you can find out more about it here.  In the meantime check out the video below.