You really can’t beat a nice funnel neck can you?  And you’ll be hard pushed to find one that’s as aesthetically pleasing as this spectacular serving of schmutter from MA.STRUM.  This sumptuous sweat features a double-face pique and a funnel neck with a button placket.  It also comes with ribbed cuffs and a ribbed hem.

As you would expect this 100% cotton piece has been signed off with the iconic detachable MA.STRUM ID to the shoulder, it also comes in two stunning colours – Purist Blue and Indigo.

Now I am not a greedy person, far from it, but if you’re reading this Santa then please slip one of these into my stocking.  I am not being picky either but if you can get one of your elves to knock me up a Purist Blue one I’d be proper made up!

If you’re not prepared to wait until Santa arrives then you can buy one here.