Okay before you ask this article isn’t about clothing, trainers, Massimo Osti or a dynamic new brand, it’s about.. yes you guessed it, Iceland!  It seems like every man and his dog, or should I say every man and his Canada Goose is going to Iceland at the moment, even some famous woman called Kim Kardashian has recently had a bash.

So if it’s good enough for annoying reality TV stars then it’s good enough for me and my sweet lady!  Anyway we arrived in down town Reykjavík on Tuesday 22nd March and to be totally honest we were a little underwhelmed to say the least, the reason being that there is not very much there at all.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of bars and restaurants but at best they are bang average, and like everything else in Iceland they are insanely expensive, a pint of lager can easily set you back around £15 so it’s a good job that we purchased two litres of vodka on the plane!

On the flip side though our spacious modern apartment was situated above a kebab shop and facing a decent Indian takeaway across the road, there was also a lively Irish pub next door.  We spent the first day exploring the city and to be honest I really don’t know what all the fuss is about,  yes it’s a tidy little place but it’s certainly not worthy of all the hype.  Anyway day two and we departed for the Blue Lagoon trip and all I could think was “surely this must live up to it’s billing”.  When we arrived we waited in line for our towels and wristbands and eventually we got inside the complex and set off to our respective changing rooms, for some reason I could not get my locker to close properly with my electronic wristband.  To further compound my embarrassment a stark bollock naked German geezer proceeded to show me how it was done, shut my locker that it is!  I have to say that the Blue Lagoon was amazing, we stayed and bathed until it went dark and got totally smashed in the process, if nothing else the trip to Iceland was worth it just for this experience.

On the last day of our three day mini break we booked to go on the Golden Circle tour, but to be totally honest we spent most of the time on the coach and it was quite boring,  We visited the Thingvellir and Pingvellir national parks, the stunning Gullfoss waterfall and the famous geothermal guysir, the whole thing took six hours and I was really glad to get back to our apartment.  Other than my CP Company DD Shell Down Jacket I didn’t take any proper outdoor clothing with me, the main reason being is that I am just not down with the whole outdoorsy look of Gortex jackets and those horrible looking hiking boots, besides my trusty Addidas Chile 62 trainers stood up rather well to everything that was thrown at them, and those CP Company goggles came in really handy in the strong winds and heavy rain.  All this simply proved my long held belief that you can simultaneously protect yourself from the elements and still look the bollocks, as for Iceland as a holiday destination I am really not sure, your money would be much better spent visiting somewhere like Krakow at this time of year, at least that’s what me and my good lady think.