Welcome to the 100th Clobber Magazine article, since we published our first feature online in February of this year our digital magazine has gone through the roof, and it’s all thanks to you, our beloved loyal readers.  I would personally like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you for all of the love and support.  To celebrate this landmark occasion we have decided to dedicate our centenary article to a top notch British band, ladies and gentlemen may I introduce Marquis Drive.

Marquis Drive have spent many years touring the U.K performing classic Indie, Madchester & Britpop tribute sets which have attracted rave reviews.  The band have also supported major acts such as The Farm, Dodgy, Reverend & the Makers, Space, The Wonderstuff, Shed Seven and many more.

It was only a matter of time before a band bristling with so much musical talent would eventually start writing and recording their own work, and to coincide with the release of their debut single “Moving On” editor Paul Smith has caught up with the band and their manager Eddie Quinn to talk music, casual clobber and the new single.

Do you want to introduce the band Mark?

From left to right, Me – Mark Hillier (Vocals), Chris Eardley (Guitar), Conal Saha (Drums), Matty Drury (Keys), Mal Flynn (Bass) and Eddie Thomas (Guitar, and he also sings the lead vocals on the B Side track Proud).

How long has the band been together?

The band have been together in the present line up for less than a year, but the Terry Butchers and Stuart Pearce’s of the band have been around for a good few years now.

Where did you get your name?

We got our name from a local dogging spot on Cannock Chase, made famous by Stan Collymore, and we were all conceived in the back of a transit van!

I can see that you all love your clobber, what are your favourite brands?

We love our terrace wear and casual classics, brands like Adidas Originals, Luke 1977, Original Casuals, Morning Glory, Little Red Originals, and Weekend Offender, basically anything that’s cool as fuck!

What is the story and inspiration behind the new single?

The inspiration for the single comes from our love for 90’s Britpop anthems, and the resurgence of bands like Shed 7, The Farm, Ocean Colour Scene and The Stone Roses etc.  Inspiration has also come from our nonstop gigging up and down the country, Oh and Mals Mum x

There are some really cool looking scooters in your new video, are you all scooter boys?

The scooters in the video belong to our friends The Bracknell Mod Squad, we’re really big into our scooters and we have ridden the Isle of Wight Scooter Rally for the last few years, and we also love a bit of Italian design work.

Eddie the new single is being released on your own label STM Records, how did the label get started?

Small Town Mentality Records was born out of my passion for music, from the initial idea it has taken eight years to finally get it off the ground, and to finally find the right band to release a single with (although two other bands came close in those eight years).  The label is named after the common attitude of people moaning about nothing happening in their towns, but when people put events on, they still don’t support them and end up doing the same old shit every weekend anyway (whilst still moaning).  So hopefully this will be the start of something really positive with Marquis Drive planning future releases and maybe a few other bands joining the STM stable.

Last but not least, can I have a Marquis Drive T-Shirt?

Yeah, no probs fella, just see the main man Eddie Quinn after the interview.


Moving On is out now and is available to buy on special edition green vinyl, yes that’s right, green vinyl!  And it’s already selling like hot cakes, you can purchase your copy by clicking here, you can also listen to the track on Spotify by clicking here.  Now I could write a gushing 2000 word review about the track, waffling on about how much I love it, and how it’s had me blasting it out at maximum volume and pissing off the neighbours in the process, however I would rather just play you the uber cool video and let you enjoy it as much as I have.  So ladies and gentleman, kick back, relax and listen to the sheer brilliance of Marquis Drive and their banging debut single Moving On.