Man I just love a nice pair of Kamanda’s, and I mean love, like I love them lots like jelly tots!  And these Brown Nubucks have only increased my infatuation, to the point where it’s bordering on stalking, although it’s not really stalking as long as there’s love involved, or is it?  Anyway the Kamanda is based around an unreleased prototype from the 1980s where the Samba OG outsole was exaggerated to create an all-over outsole effect, and this particular pair come in a beautiful brown nubuck upper and feature three perforated stripes, a mesh tongue and the signature gold Kamanda branding.  So don’t be like me, instead of stalking, go and buy a pair and get out walking, or maybe I should just stop talking!  If you fancy taking your love for the Kamanda to the next level then you can shop for a brand spanking new pair here.