It looks like we are heading for another cold snap at the end of this week and if like me you have a tendency to be a little nesh then it’s probably a good idea to layer up to beat the chill.  The key to keeping warm in the harsh winter months starts with a good base layer and they don’t come much better than this superb “heated” layer from UK based company Blaze Wear.  With cutting-edge heat technology and multi-tasking functionality, this high end base layer can be used as both a heated garment and a normal thermal layer.

If you’d like it heated then you’ll simply need to add a single battery pack to power the garments internal element.  Once you are hooked up you can control the heating from a button on the sleeve, the element will then keep perfect pace with drops in temperature.  This really is futuristic technology and it wouldn’t look out of place in one of the Back to the Future films, or even Star Wars!

If this base layer is not enough to keep you warm then fear not, Blaze Wear also make heated jackets, gilets, gloves and accessories, all of which are available on their website which you can access here.